Did You See That

Photo: Namphuong Van

We’re all so busy with life, rushing from one thing to the next.

Jobs, activities with the kids, ministry responsibilities, family obligations, dream-chasing. All good things, to be sure, but what are you doing to take time for yourself? To regroup and to rest?

It is necessary for us to slow down. Slowing down helps us enjoy life as we take time to see what’s going on around us. As a health coach, I know that slowing down also has health benefits.

I have to purpose to take time away from the craziness of life.

I love to sit on my deck in the summer to have a meal. I pull my face out of my plate and watch the birds flying, the squirrels chase each other, the beauty of the clouds as they float in the blue sky, the way the trees sway in the breeze, even the insect that is annoying as it buzzes around my head!

There is so much going on around us that we are missing!

My son loves to watch The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube. They record everyday incidents then show them in slow motion; water balloons bursting, mouse traps going off, a ball hitting a man in the face. It’s amazing to watch in slow motion what happens within a split second – so fast we can’t see it with our natural eyes.

Watch this video of a cat jumping from a tree:

Isn’t it amazing what goes on that we miss? I encourage you to watch some of the other videos from The Slow Mo Guys to force yourself to slow down and think about what is going on around you. Their language can be unsavory at times, but they do some incredible things!

How does this bless your pastor? Because if you don’t take time to slow down and take care of yourself, you won’t be much good when you show up exhausted for ministry events.

Slow down and see the things around you that you haven’t noticed before. I’d love to hear what you find!

What will you do today to slow down?


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