Do You Own It?


Do you take ownership of your area of ministry? It doesn’t matter what ministry you’re involved in, kitchen clean-up or the head of a team, do you take ownership for your part?

What does taking ownership look like? Here are six ways:

  • Coming up with creative ideas for new things to try; moving the ministry forward.
  • Arriving early to help set-up.
  • Staying until the work is done and things are cleaned up.
  • Faithfully attending scheduled meetings, being there on time for the start of it.
  • Contacting team members who were absent. (You don’t have to be “the leader” to do this.)
  • Faithfully praying for your team and pastor.

This will bless your pastor because he’ll feel relieved of the weight of making sure things are taken care of. When a servant leader takes ownership of his or her ministry, the pastor is free to focus on the items on his agenda instead of worrying about the things that we should do.

In what other ways can we take ownership of our ministries? Tweet me your thoughts; I’d love to hear! Use the hashtag #BlessYourPastor.