Pray First


Photo: Andrea Boldizsar

Do you have struggles, battles and confusing times in your life? Of course you do, we all do.

I tend to want to talk to somebody, use my phone-a-friend option, to discuss the matter. It helps me to talk it out. But I forget to take it to God first. He’s the best friend there is to phone! That’s what prayer is – phoning Jesus.

But some people prefer to go to their pastor to lament their problem, spill their guts and even want the pastor to do the praying for them!

I once had a pastor who would patiently listen then ask the complainer to pray while he agreed. It gave him a good sense of how well the person had prayed before taking their problem to him. Did they really seek God’s help before approaching the pastor?

How about you? Do you pray first before seeking your pastor’s counsel? It’s not bad to ask your pastor for advice or direction, and most likely he’s happy to give it, especially if he knows you’ve prayed and sought God’s answer first.

Bless your pastor and pray, really pray – even fast – before calling him to request time to meet with him. That will bless Jesus too!